June 2012 archive

I get to write 3 more books!


Woke up this morning and discovered that certain news had made its way all over the internet already (I love living in the future):

From Publishers Weekly Deals for June 18: “Agent Holly Root at Waxman Leavell closed this deal, and said the new trilogy is ‘a sweeping and romantic fantasy’ that follows a teenage girl whose magical ability to find gold puts her in a dangerous position during the American Gold Rush.” (Click link for full article.)

So, yep. Another epic fantasy trilogy, except this one is set in one of the most epic moments in American history. I grew up in California’s Gold Country, and the place has always seemed magical to me, with its rolling hills and twisted oaks and rushing rivers. I can’t wait to get to know it even better.

The series is as-yet-untitled, though I’ve been referring to it as The Goldscryer Saga in my head. But it’s a long way off, and I have the Fire & Thorns series to finish, so I’m leaving the details for later. For now I’ll just say that, like the Fire and Thorns trilogy, these books will feature magic, romance, adventure, and a teen girl determined to find her own way.

I have a vague memory of sobbing incoherently to Agent Holly when she called me with the news, which may seem a little odd, because I’ve been through all this before, right? But for me there was something very special about Book Deal #2. It means that maybe, just maybe, I’ll have a career at this gig. Which is everything I wanted all along.

Also, I love my publisher. I’m so glad they are stuck with me for 3 more books!

Speaking of career, please excuse me while I run off to finish writing The Bitter Kingdom. Hope you’re all having an amazing summer.