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Free Short Story!


Hey, everyone. I have plunged into the wild, wild world of self-publishing and made a previously published short story available for FREE*. Yay, free stuff! “Dangerous Voices” is a high fantasy story that first appeared under a different title in Weird Tales Magazine, #345 waaaay back in 2008-ish. I’ve since cleaned it up a bit and given it a cover, and now you can all read it.

Here is a description, followed by links where it can be downloaded, followed by the cover:

Errik has been a prisoner–and alone–for a long, long time. He lives for the moment each day when the window of his dungeon cell shines a bit of light onto his bearded face. But everything changes when he gets a new neighbor–a young girl with a voice as beautiful as the springrise. 

They both know the rules: No singing. No speaking. Voices are dangerous. But they can’t help themselves. And soon enough, Errik begins to remember himself, why he’s here in this dark place, and why his captors will stop at nothing to ensure his silence.

Download at:

Barnes and Noble



Amazon (*Not free yet. Amazon doesn’t give authors the option of posting something for free, but they’ll eventually “price match” the other retailers. In the meantime, feel free to download it elsewhere or just hang on for a bit. I do not want anyone to have to pay for this!)


Kobo (It hasn’t appeared yet, but soon, I hope!)

And here is the lovely cover, thanks to Jenn Reese at Tiger Bright Studios: